About Us


Who We Are?

What We Do for You?

We want to make you fly so we can solve all the problems in the world, but this is our long term goal, in a shorter term we will guarantee that you walk, crawl and can do yoga, because even super heros need a little time to relax.

Our Products

We offer a wide selection of 1 (one) type of exoskeletons that can do everything you need. In case it does not fulfill all of your needs, let us know so we can add more fun stuff! (Our team is studying the possibility of putting a water gun in the summer model)

Meet the Team

Mitch Brogan

Mitch is the founder of ExoPlus Solutions and Able Bionics Foundation.

HHe is the pioneer of exoskeleton used for therapeutic use.

He studied at the International Space University and he knows the Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield (not everyone can say that, eh?)

After a spinal cord injury left me quadriplegic, I could have benefited from being able to crawl again. There were no technologies to help me crawl again, only walk. And crawling on my own on mats only ended up with me getting severe skin wounds afterwards. I created ExoPlus Solutions and designed the ExoPlus Move to be the solution me and many others have been waiting for.

Rafael de Oliveira Schneider

Rafael is a Lead Engineer on this company.

He holds a Bachelor degree in Mechanical and Process Engineering awarded by the Darmstadt University of Technology (Germany).

He also studied in the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Spain) and he's finishing his Master Degree at the Darmstadt University of Technology.

Fun fact, knowing that people in this context only take you for granted once you say “Trust me, I’m a German Engineer”, he will never get rid of the German accent and continuously uses this to make a point.

Stefane Guevremont

Stefane is an Electrical Engineer by the Université du Quebec

He has 9 years of experience in the industrial sector and has been around the world working as an engineer.

He also studied at the Space University, though his highlight is that he can curse at you and it will sound charming because it's in french.

Tassio Borges da Silva

Tassio has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the Federal University of Paraiba in Brazil.

He studied at the Institut National de Science Appliqué de Rouen (INSA Rouen) in France during his PhD

For 2 years he was an Assistant Professor at the Federal Institute of Paraiba (IFPB) in Brazil for the Electronics Department.

I'm the one writing this, so I won't brag much, but my mom said I'm the prettiest.

Anuradha "Amila" Jayarathna

Amila has a degree in Mechatronics Engineering from the  University of Wolverhampton.

He has experience in automation and manufacturing.

If the engineering part does not go well, he knows how to play violin at least.

Our Advisors

M.Sc. Physiotherapist Janelle Wittig

Janelle Wittig is a registered Physiotherapist with over 14 years of experience working with clients with complex neurological injuries including spinal cord injury, brain injury, multiple sclerosis, and other neurological conditions. Janelle has extensive expertise in post-concussion management, vestibular rehabilitation, complex pain management, community care and integration. In addition, Janelle has experience and training with the use of exoskeleton based technologies for therapeutic use. Janelle strives to maximize independence and reduce ongoing impairments for her clients. She is also the owner of Community NeuroRehab in London, Ontario and advises Exoplus Solutions since the very beginning.

Mechanical and Biological System Eng. Christopher F. Block

Born and raised in New Orleans, graduated high school in the suburbs of Chicago, Chris subsequently went to Virginia Tech and successfully accomplished a bachelor in Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Biological Systems Engineering. After several years all over the United States as a Product Development Engineer, a Mechanical Development Engineer and a Test Engineer, a tragic bicycling accident left him paralysed. As a Spinal Cord survivor and with his engineering background Chris advises the team with his personal experiences and expertise. The value he brings is immesurable.

Aircraft Eng. Lee Thibeault

Lee is the first Canadian in the world to undergo a neural stem cell transplant for experimental research in Zurich Switzerland as a result of acquiring a spinal cord injury in June 2013 following a motorcycle crash. He has several years of work experience as an Aircraft Engineer before the accident left him paraplegic. He is the Executive Director at the Able Bionics Foundation and a valuable advisor at ExoPlus Solutions.