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Solutions for Rehabilitation

During the rehabilitation period, a series of exercises and treatments are used to provide a better locomotor recovery for the patient. More effective the treatment means less time for the patient in the hospital and fewer are the secondary complications following the injury.

The ExoPlus Move is designed to help during rehabilitation

Exoskeletons are being used during rehabilitation thanks to their capability of making the patient walk again, leading to better answers both physically and emotionally. The ability to crawl is unique on the ExoPlus Move. It allows for an enhanced locomotor recovery by making the patient actively use both, lower and upper-limbs.
Although we all know the benefits of stretching, it is usually forgotten. Patients with lower-limb disability could improve their quality of life by reducing spasticity among other gains. For this reason, the ExoPlus MOVE incorporates assisted stretching and allows the wearer to strike a yoga pose.

Solutions for Mobility Aid

In addition to Rehabilitation, exoskeletons are starting to be used as mobility aids. They will quickly be seen in the streets and parks regularly. For this reason, exoskeletons need to be agile, walk in irregular terrain, and finally provide independence to everyday tasks.

The ExoPlus Move is indeed a mobility aid device

The ExoPlus MOVE is equally a mobility aid. To regain full movement of the lower body is to regain one's full autonomy. Today's exoskeletons only allow the user to walk. Imagine if you could crouch, pick things up from the floor or carry your grocery bags. No matter what routine you strive to regain, our device will empower you to achieve the independence that you seek.